Property Classes

Malta is becoming known as the perfect location for start-up companies. While plenty of foreign companies choose to set up on our shores, Dhalia Real Estate Services is at the forefront of providing commercial property for sale in Malta.

We have seen an influx from several industries, especially finance, gaming and technology. When it comes to office space, the needs of each client are always unique. This is why we consistently do our utmost to match corporate clients to their ideal Malta property.

We work closely with developers and contractors with whom we have developed a strong working relationship over time. This allows Dhalia Real Estate Services to keep informed about exciting new office developments and commercial blocks. You can work with us to find space within a major business development, which comes with its own infrastructure and equipment. We can also help if you prefer an independent office.

You may want to consider the amount of space you require as well as any extra rooms such as board rooms, break rooms and storage rooms. If you are not ready to make this kind of decision, our commercial real estate experts are available to guide you. This decision is one that will influence your future operations, as well as any plans for expansion.

Choosing the right commercial retail space in Malta is a speciality service which we offer. We take into consideration your business goals, your business type, neighbourhood, as well as foot traffic, growth potential and commercial property prices. We know that this decision will directly influence the success of your commercial enterprise. This is why we have trained specialists who focus solely on this type of commercial property.


Category A Class 1 Dwelling for residential accommodation, lodging, or personal residence, part of which is also used for a commercial occupation or to render a service
Category B Class 2A Residential Institution: residence for people in need of care on a temporary or permanent basis, such as a hospital or nursing home
Class 2B Non-residential Institution: museum, library, or public hall
Class 2C Educational Institution: school, nursery, day centre, etc
Category C Class 3A Guesthouse, Palazzino, Boutique Hotel, hostel, etc
Class 3B Hotel
Class 3C Assembly & Leisure Premises: cinema or theatre, health club, etc
Class 3D Marine Leisure Premises for mooring, sailing, diving, or any marine-based sport or recreation
Category D Class 4A Offices
Class 4B Retail premises of all retail goods and their display except motor vehicles
Class 4C Food & Drink Establishment wherein no cooking is allowed
Class 4D Food & Drink Establishment wherein cooking is allowed
Category E Class 5A Light Industry including product/process development, crafts, etc
Class 5B General Industry as in industrial process
Class 5C Specialised Industry as in the processing of metals, minerals, etc
Category F Class 6A Storage & Distribution
Class 6B Boatyards
Category G Class 7 Agriculture: crops or animals
Category H Class 8 Aquaculture